Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March inspiration

Am missing commercial drive... The caf├ęs, the parks with kids running amuck, the little boutiques, the little diners.... The pizza. The feeling of home. But also, it's people. You'll see all sorts of things and people there, and many different styles. I happen to LOVE street style pictures, and I particularly love models off duty, since they get in on all the great clothes, the hair, the makeup.
Here's Coco Rocha, with her perfect hair... Gotta wonder how long it took to do that.... 2 minutes, or 20 minutes?
Sooo excited for spring, but mother nature doesn't seem to share my enthusiasm. It decided to be cold, rainy, and gray. I'd like it to be warm, sunny, and blue skies.
I've realized it's been about a year that I've had this blog. I'm so sorry I haven't been posting much - I've just not really had much to talk about.... But I think I'll post some pictures soon, because I'll be going to Hawaii for spring break... Hopefully I can upload some nice photos to show you guys... :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

My latest inspiration

I find this is SUCH a beautiful dress. Just the way it moves, and the sheer exterior against the opaque silk and the color is so..... Sophisticated, but wild, at the same time. I love the song, too.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8uPvX2te0I (A Year Without Rain) I know this isn't really a great picture of her, but it was the best one that displayed it's movement really great. I wish I knew the designer of this dress.... If someone could tell me, that'd be great. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall is here!..... That's why I've been M.I.A.....

Sorry, I've been super busy..... Haven't had the proper time to really post anything...... But, lately, I've been into coats, and.... pieces that transform your look a little. I found these, and thought they'd be great examples. But I'm not saying you have to go with black. Go for blue, or whatever color looks great on you. I've discovered that it doesn't take a long time to create a really nice, clean, simple look... I've been going swimming for gym class, and we have to take the bus to the pool and back to the school, so you don't have a lot of time to get ready for your other classes.... If I have some nice, simple pieces to wear, that work with multiple different outfits, it's fast and easy in the morning to put together an outfit that won't take long to put on after swimming, and that's comfy, so you don't feel all gross with chlorine stink on you, afterwards. A coat or nice sweater is a perfect key piece to make you feel comfy, and put-together. And cute shoes, of course. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My look of the moment.

I find this such a nice picture. I love when something is timeless... It makes wearing it special.... Even the little things, like if you receive a handwritten letter from someone. As much as I love the city vibe, I've never been to any of those high-fashion cities like New York, London, Paris, LA, etc...
Speaking of fashion, I went to my favorite little hidden comic shop that sells comics, of course, but also so many different magazines..... With a large portion of them fashion magazines. They even have really old Vogue magazines, (Like from 1962, etc...) So I picked up a few. I was reading them this morning, and I got really inspired. I quite like the look of playing down a girly ensemble with a menswear piece or two, like oxford shoes or a blazer. What's your look of the moment?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shoe talk.

These remind me of the sandals Aphrodite would wear. They're very.... Grecian. I quite like that style.  And not only are the Grecian-style, I don't know of you noticed, but they have a slightly ruffled edge at that top that gives them a girly edge, which I love. They're so.... Different! I just HAD to get them. They're just perfect. Not for the weather today, though. Today is cold and rainy. But not bad, because I get to go out with friends!
I'm so sad that summer's almost over! Then I'll have to go back to school and lug to school and back three textbooks at once, which is torture. Like, people are always telling me, "Don't carry around such a heavy backpack!". They have no idea that the school is making me do it! I have to carry around on a daily basis: Two binders, a pencil bag (heavier than it should be), two or three textbooks, an agenda, and a lunch, and sometimes other things like rain boots, in case it rains when I'm coming home. I remember, in like, grade five, they sent home a notice-type thing that said: "Your child should not carry more than like, some percentage (I forget how much, like, 20 or 40 %) of their overall weight in their school bag." What I think is, "They don't have any idea that they're being total hypocrites."

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ah, summer....

Hi everyone! Sorry, I've been super-busy this past month! I've been having fun. Lots of fun. And I wish I had a pro camera that I could carry around with me and show you all the cool things I've seen!  I've taken a photography course (dark room, with film cameras and you have to develop everything yourself and it takes a long time but it's so worth it) and I took another course where you go around town with a group and do art. It's fun.  I've been in the Okanagan since last Sunday, and have been loving it!  One of my favorite outdoor things to do in the whole world is jump on the trampoline, and since I can't possibly fit one in my apartment in Vancouver, I've been jumping on it like crazy while I'm here!  So fun! I've also been baking yummy things, chillin' at the beach, screaming my head off tubing, more trampoline-jumping, LOST-watching (I'm hooked!), shopping (of course), relaxing, nail-painting, going to see Toy Story 3 (SO GOOD!!) and other things of the sort. That's why I haven't been able to go on the computer long enough to actually post something. I think when I get home, I'm going to make some jewelry. That's what I feel like doing right now, but I couldn't have fit my entire huge box of beads that I never use into my suitcase, because I wouldn't be able to fit anything else in there. I even got in touch with my inner 6-year-old again yesterday when I played Polly Pockets with my little cousin. Man, Polly Pockets and Barbies will never go out of style. (Partially because they ARE stylish).
Oh, and about the picture.... (I don't like to post posts without pictures.... I'll get some pictures of my super-old [at least 40 year old] Vogue magazine.... The stuff in there is so cool!)... It's kind of representative of my style lately... Laid back girly. I can almost not wait until school starts so I can show off my new wardrobe!  I'm so proud of it! (Don't laugh... I get excited about these kind of things...)
Happy rest of your summer! Make the most of summer 2010!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Jackson Harris (pictured) is a (fashionable) new pop artist from New York who writes his own songs and is soon to be releasing his very first album that I think is called "Long Story Short". I just heard about him today, and looked him up on youtube, and I think he's great! You can visit his website at www.thejacksonharris.com..... The song I listened to is long story short. :)
PS: So sorry I haven't posted anything in a long time... I've been crazy busy... I'll give you an update on my July itinerary as soon as I can.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How do you... Get ready for summer?

Channel these things! :)

Love, love, love these!

I hate this girl's hair. It's perfect.

So versatile, so cute!

Mustard is cool. Don't deny it, just accept it.

I need something like this. Effortlessly stunning.

I really wish the weather would warm up! It's been pretty gloomy, considering it's already summer! One good thing I got out of my week: When I went to Uprising Breads near commercial drive, as I was ordering, I noticed the cashier's earrings. They were the coolest earrings ever, and easy to make, too: They were Barbie shoes/ strappy sandals dangling from chains as earrings! They were the coolest! So I'm gonna try and make those. I think that might just catch on and become a trend. They're so cool!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I told you I'd have more time on my hands!
I've been hanging out at my mum's office in gastown, and I've been listening to music on my new ipod touch (they're amazing!) and drawing. This is the first sketch I did, and my favorite. I was looking at the skyscrapers in the distance. I've always been fascinated by skyscrapers the way they seem to go up into the sky forever, and I love the giant glass windows, and the way the light bounces off them no matter what time of day (day: sunlight; night: streetlights, stoplights & neon signs). So I decided to draw a dress inspired by the skyscrapers of downtown Vancouver.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Since school got off, I've had a lot of free time, so I can probably blog more often. I had a sudden urge to draw something like this, because I was looking at the tank top I'm wearing, and I was looking at how nice it looked just horizontal, and not scoop neck, like most tank tops. And I was looking at a runway video for Lanvin, and I saw that all his models had extreme black lined eyes and hair, and so I decided to experiment with that, with using brown hair similar to my color. The writing on my drawing might be a little hard to read, so I'll write it out:
Tip: Line your eyes to match your hair color, and sport a similar lip color.

  • Velvet bust
  • Satin sash
  • Rosettes lower part of dress
Oh, and the reason the model has skin as white as snow is because I wanted to exaggerate the eye makeup and the lip color.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Since Saturday, I've been modeling for photo shoots.  My dad, Keven Fedirko is a photographer, and he's been in Vancouver from last Wednesday to tonight at 5.
I can't show you all the pictures, because there's probably more than 2000 of them, but here's the one from my birthday on Sunday. I just turned 14. The location is somewhere in downtown Vancouver at a really long stone wall covered in moss and ivy. My dad had been wanting to shoot there for 20 years, but never got the chance, so this photo shoot in particular is probably one of his all-time favorites.
I'm so excited - Adam Lambert's new video: "If I Had You" just came out! It's kind of strange, but I'd been waiting to see it for a while. You can check it out, and also a video of fans imitating the song here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Sunset of Dresses!

I am so in love with sunset colors. Unfortunately, I don't own a lot of them. Luckily I made $100 babysitting last weekend, so I can go shopping for some! I'm so excited: The last day of school is tomorrow!  Although, I have three exams on Friday, and one on the 15th. I also get my yearbook on the 15th, and my report card on the 29th. Our system is kind of strange. Yesterday, I baked some peanut butter cookies.... I didn't realize they were so easy to make! All you need is a cup of peanut butter, 1/2 cup of sugar, and an egg, combine it, then roll it into little balls, set them on an ungreased baking sheet, and squish them down lightly with a fork, bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees F., and there you have it: Super easy, fast, but delicious cookies in under a half an hour! Magic! I love baking! Catch you later!
PS: I'll try to post more drawings if you like them... Tell me what you think of them! I miss reading comments!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is a picture I drew Thursday.... It didn't really express my feelings at the time, because I was in an excited mood, but it better describes being a teenager.  After I finished drawing it, I remembered the time I was absolutely obsessed with Avril Lavigne. She has a song called complicated. It made me laugh, remembering that, for some reason. Friday, some friends came over to work on french homework. We had a lot of fun. They seemed to really like crackers, cheese and pickles. I found that was a good thing, since I do.  Saturday, I went to Langley for a friend's birthday party.  We went bowling at Willowbrook Lanes, and after that we went to a fancy Pizza Hut (They literally had restaurant decor) and had pizza and a really good cake. One of the friends (who I didn't know before I got there) who's name was "Hey Young" (she's a Korean immigrant) was so funny.  The whole time, she was like:  When are we going to have cake! And then, her very last remark about wanting cake was:  "WHERE'S THE DAMN CAKE?!?" And we had JUST finished dinner.  She was dead serious, too. It was so funny. One other girl laughed for so long, (much longer than everyone else) it made us laugh, too. I love birthdays. Tell me your birthday story.... I'd love to read it! Have a great day, everybody!