Saturday, September 5, 2009

I can't believe I only have three more days until school starts and summer vacation is OVER!!!!!! AAAAAHHH!!!!! Although, starting school isn't all bad. Examples: You get to meet new people, you get new clothes ( Which means shopping for the perfect back-to-school outfit! ), you get to see your friends an update them on what happened this summer and what classes you have together..... But the bad parts are: Not being able to open your locker, homework, mean people, getting lost, etc...
Anyway, I was looking at pictures and I found this one, and it reminded me of school for some reason. Maybe it was the boarding school esque jacket. But I really like the outfit. It's...... Chic. Something I'd wear. ( With a skirt under the jacket though, because those tights are really see-through ) Happy last days of summer vacation everyone!!!! Make the most of them - even if it's rainy!

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