Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm soooooooo sorry that I haven't been able to blog in about three days!!! I was planning on making this sort of a daily blog, but apparently now that's ruined. Oh well. I'll try to make up for it.
On the 7th, I went to Mumbi's batizado ( Portugese capoeira baptizing ), on the 8th it was the first day of school and it was hectic, because I'm going into high school for the first time ever and I don't know much about it. On the 9th ( Yesterday ) was my first real day, and that was hectic too. But I finally mastered how to open my lock for my locker!
Today ( Wednesday September 10th, 2009 ) Was my second real day. I'm finally starting to get familiar with my school system.

This is a picture of Selena Gomez ( The same girl from my last picture ). Her outfit really spoke to me. I love Selena's style. A nice pencil skirt, a black tank top, and a printed tank top with cute black wedges is a perfect back-to-school look. I don't know where this picture was taken. I can't believe all the homework that I have! It's overwhelming!!! Hopefully I'll get a good sleep tonight. That will be sure to help me unwind. Hopefully. The best way to do well in school is to stay organized, remember that! Because if you don't, then things will be even MORE overwhelming than they already are!!! I can't even imagine that.

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