Thursday, October 1, 2009

October excitement

This is great. The owl is so creative. Also the design of the sweater is so fresh, so new... I'd say I just might be the next big thing in fashion, if you wear it right. Today is the first day of October! Thanksgiving is on the 12th, I think. I'm looking forward to it because there's no school, there's also pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce every time. At least in my family there is. It's tradition. Those are great, but then it also gets hectic if your family is the one having everyone over at their house. Last year it was us, this year it will probably be our cousins this year because we're renovating. I heard at school that Forever 21 is finally opening up at Metropolis soon.... It might've been today. On Sunday I'm hoping I can go shopping there. By then it will have opened there for real hopefully. I'm really excited because forever 21 sells really nice clothing. It's not too expensive either. I hope everyone who reads this will have a great weekend, even though it hasn't started yet! (For friday night, I mean.) Also, as a last note: Everyone should start thinking about what they're going to wear on Halloween, because it's approaching! Don't put it off for the last minute, because it won't be as awesome! I still don't know what to be..... Anyone have any ideas for me??? Tell me what you think!

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