Friday, October 2, 2009

Today, I'd thought I'd do something different. Since my URL is, I thought I'd live up to it's name, because I'm not always wowed at the sight of an awesome outfit. Sometimes I'm wowed by a really cool piece of architecture too, like this one. don't know where it is - I found it on Google, but it was really cool. I thought if I lived there, I would want to live right in the suite in the middle, where you can see a piece of the sky, but above it, looking out on the ocean. It would be such a great view. Tell me your thoughts!



  1. This apartment complex was built during the time of expo 67 in Montreal. I can't remember who the architect was.

  2. I took a brief look around that complex - an old room mate of mine lived near it. Probably have a few slides somewhere from the early 90s. I'm surprised that I still remember the name "Habitat 67" by Moshe Safdie - you can find out a bit about it here ::

    I think it was designed to let as many places have a good view as possible. Very unique, never seen anything like it since.