Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am loooooving trench coats lately! I'm sooo sorry, I haven't blogged in way too long - some of my followers have disappeared, even! I must be boring you to the max!
Anyway, trench coats are great in every season (excluding summer), especially this cute one with a twist from Burberry (A designer). I'm asking for one this Christmas.....
I'm also really into full miniskirts. (not too mini, though....) They look good on almost everyone!
I have a lot to do in December - I have to do most of my Christmas shopping before December 18th, because that's when my flight leaves for Calgary to see my Dad; I have to get school and Christmas photos done; go to school; go to see 'White Christmas' with every grade 8 in my school (Not separately- all of the grade 8's loaded into the performing arts theatre, which isn't a chore at all, but it's on my to-do list for December) on the 16th; try to make it to some Christmas parties (Which isn't a chore either...); and after I arrive at my Dad's place, my cousins all the way from Boston, United States are coming on the 20th!(Also not a chore) Busy, busy, busy!
Tell me what things you're up to this upcoming winter vacation!

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