Sunday, November 29, 2009

Orange puffy tote

This cute tote reminds me of a boarding school-esque theme. It's got such a fun color - I'm been really into orange, lately. Last night I came up with really great fall/winter outfit: Black long sleeve shirt, with a middle-sleeve orange trench coat that hits at the hips with plum leggings or tights, and black wrinkled booties. I was excited about it all night, and could barely sleep. Happy Sunday!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am loooooving trench coats lately! I'm sooo sorry, I haven't blogged in way too long - some of my followers have disappeared, even! I must be boring you to the max!
Anyway, trench coats are great in every season (excluding summer), especially this cute one with a twist from Burberry (A designer). I'm asking for one this Christmas.....
I'm also really into full miniskirts. (not too mini, though....) They look good on almost everyone!
I have a lot to do in December - I have to do most of my Christmas shopping before December 18th, because that's when my flight leaves for Calgary to see my Dad; I have to get school and Christmas photos done; go to school; go to see 'White Christmas' with every grade 8 in my school (Not separately- all of the grade 8's loaded into the performing arts theatre, which isn't a chore at all, but it's on my to-do list for December) on the 16th; try to make it to some Christmas parties (Which isn't a chore either...); and after I arrive at my Dad's place, my cousins all the way from Boston, United States are coming on the 20th!(Also not a chore) Busy, busy, busy!
Tell me what things you're up to this upcoming winter vacation!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Purple passion

This is a drawing I did on sketchbook. I don't quite remember where I got the inspiration from, but I do know that I'm pretty proud of it. Sorry, I haven't been blogging that much, you all must be getting bored. I've got some good news to make this a better post though - I'm going to go see 'Moulin Rouge' - a ballet at a really fancy theatre! I'm so excited! And who's going to see New Moon this weekend??? I'm not, because the lines will be outrageous, so I think I might go the weekend after. Tell me what you think!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

New band!!

This look reminds me of a babydoll-esque theme. It's so cute! Lately I've been really into the song: Fireflies, by Owl City. It's so cute! It's also different from all those skanky love songs by some singers that they play on the beat. (hit music radio station)It's got a great beat. Check it out! Another good one (also happy and bouncy!) is hot air balloon, also from Owl City. I actually drew something on sketchbook pro (computer program) that was inspired by that song! Happy rest-of-your-weekend!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th.

It's not really a bad luck day, you know. I'd consider it a great day, actually. But back to the picture: I LOVE THIS! It's great! I'm soooooo sorry that I haven't blogged in a week, almost! Today in math class, I had some spare time, so I drew a couple pictures. I really like them, so I'm going to scan them soon, and post them. I got a lot of compliments on them. In English class, we're going on a field trip to a really fancy theatre to see the play: White Christmas. I can't wait! It's in December though, so I have to wait. I want to make sure that when all of the grade 8s go, I'm going to wear something really...... OUTSTANDING! MAGNIFICENT! TERRIFIC! Something...... Ooh-la-la. Like this! It's not too in-your-face, ( although I'm not sure I'd wear anything that flashy ) I like how everything just.... Fits. It's like it's a puzzle, and the outfit has every piece in the right place. And it'simple! It's not like you have to really go out and spend a whole bunch of money! It uses basic things in a girl's closet: A long shirt/short dress, a pretty scarf, a cute berret/beanie... Whatever you want to call it! Also soft black tights and shiny black booties.... Which I need to buy......

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Newest fashion obsession

I really love this picture of Oscar de la Renta. It's so elegant. Lately my fashion inspiration has been very french royalty esque. I love all the low-key lace, and pearls. Also something I've been seeing is the real meaning of 'necklace' at places like american eagle. The part that is usually string is lace, and then there's some pearls strung onto it. It's really pretty. Also french mani's have been really high on my beauty priorities list. Unfortunately, I need to save up, so I'm pretty broke so I can't shop to fulfill all of my present guilty pleasures. It's very depressing. Most people wouldn't, and don't understand how passionate I really am about fashion. I want to make things that are better than Chanel or Valentino!!! It's really quite..... Fun, actually. It might seem like a lot of pressure, but I love it. I think I've read one too many magazines, but, like I said: "I love it!" Tell me how crazy or totally right I am by commenting. I love to read comments!