Sunday, December 27, 2009

Café cute

I really admire this outfit. I would see someone wearing this outfit in a downtown café, or walking downtown, right by all the shop windows snapping pictures or checking her blackberry. It's very urban, and I adore it. I found this picture at It's a really great website. You can create your own pictures like an online collage of clothes from your favorite stores, and/or just look at examples that other people have made. They look really cool. Today I did a whole bunch of fashion sketches, and played Nintendo Wii.
I got a new Wii game for Christmas - it's called Wii Resort, and it's got a variety of fun, new games. It's kind of like Wii sports, but with more new games. My favorite presents that I received were a pink samsung digital camera, brown plaid converse, and some really cute cardigans. Thank you to everyone! I loved all my presents! If I don't get back to blogging before the new year, then I'll write it now: "Happy new year, everybody!!"

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wow! I love this outfit! I can't wait until tomorrow! Tomorrow everything gets better! Tomorrow is going to be good because french class will not be as boring as usual I have a feeling; also we won't be doing any work! Yay! Wednesday I will be going to see 'White Christmas' at the Stanley theatre with all the grade 8's ( I still have to plan my outfit for that....... ); Thursday, we won't really be doing much work in any class; and Friday, I get to fly to Calgary from Vancouver to see my dad!! I'm so anxious! Have a great week everybody!!! ;)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Luella dress

I am loving purple. I think it might be my new fave color! This outfit is so pretty.... Perfect for a dinner date, or something like that. Friday night, I went to see the movie: "Princess and the frog" ( Friday was opening night ) and it was really good! I was really impressed. I encourage all my readers to go see it and tell me what you thought of it by commenting! After the movie, I went to an art gallery and I saw this beautiful drawing of a girl with her hair slicked back, and instead of a ponytail or scrunchie; she had a few brown and black feathers sticking out of some beautiful, lush peonies. It was one of the most beautiful drawings I had ever seen. Right now I'm trying to imitate that drawing on sketchbook pro. I'm not quite finished, but it looks great; in my eyes.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everybody!