Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shoe show

These are so cute. They're from American eagle. I like the way they've got little folds and black bows on them. The purple silk gives it that luxurious finish, which I love.
This is a nice, neutral boot with a splash of color here and there. It's different, which is something every outfit needs - something that sets them apart from other outfits.

I like this. It's very versatile. You can wear it with an evening dress, or with a flirty skirt in day or night, or even to liven up your jeans and pretty blouse.

When I noticed these, they reminded me of a log cabin. If I were to wear these, I would wear them with a frilly, cream colored top, medium wash fitted jeans and chunky, wooden bangles.

At school one day, I saw someone wear a pair of beautiful, two toned pumps that were grey with a green heel, and when I saw these, I thought they were just a great example to show everyone. I'd probably wear this with a dress that was the same shade as the pink or orange here with lots of jewelry.

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