Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunny thoughts

Love, love, love this. It's like a magical fire, on a dress! A little short, but that can easily be fixed. Today is such a beautiful day, I can't wait to pick up my sister and throw the Frisbee around. You know one activity that I never see people doing anymore (and one I haven't done in a while)? It's flying a kite. When I was little, my dad used to take me to the park and he'd fly my kite with me, at the park close the the beach in White rock. That doesn't happen anymore, and I miss those days. The nice weather reminded me of it. Anyway, I can't believe that the first day of spring is tomorrow!! I'm so excited! I can start to break out my summer wardrobe!!! Yay!!!! I really prefer summer to winter. Winter you have to bundle up in a million clothes, while in the summer, you can throw on something light, and go do whatever you please. And those perfect, sunny days are coming near!!!!

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