Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is adorable!
If I owned this, I would wear it with:
a yellow top
a rose-pink floral full skirt
and maybe some yellow or silver flats,
and definitely some pink-y butterfly earrings.
I'm so excited for spring to come, I just can't wait!
I can't wait until the weather is warm enough for dresses and skirts and for the days to get longer, so by the time it's 8:00pm, it's still light outside. My spring break was pretty good. Saturday night, I attended a friend's birthday bash, which was a blast, the rest of the week, I had friends over some days, other days were running-errands type days; until Friday, where me, my sister, and my mom took the ferry to Bowen Island, where we stayed until Sunday morning at a cute, comfortable, peaceful Bed & Breakfast, where outside, there was a beautiful, lush garden, overlooking the ocean and the mountains. There was also a short trail that led to a small beach area, where we found some unique shells, that stuck to the rock at the water's edge. When you pocked them, or tried to pull them off, they would use their suction-type-body to cling super-tightly to the giant rock. When it was time to leave the B&B, we took a bus to Cocoa West, an organic chocolatier in the artisan square (still on Bowen Island), where we bought some savory hot chocolate, made with spiced chocolate shavings. Ah, I love vacations. Tell me what your vacations were like - I'd like to hear about them!

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