Monday, April 19, 2010

I think that our calendars have suddenly jumped ahead two months.  Today was beautiful!  I could have worn my shorts!  These sunglasses would have completed the outfit nicely, too.  I can't wait until summer, when I can go to the beach whenever I want! (almost).  Yesterday, my sister had a dance party...With herself...In the kitchen....In front of my mom and I......I filmed it. Hilarious!  She was listening to an old,  really upbeat Ashlee Simpson song. My sister is such a little rocker. Heehee!  Hope you all enjoyed the nice weather from today!  Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, but then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are supposed to be nice.  Make the most of it!  And don't forget to have fun! ;)
Otherwise, what do you live for?

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