Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is a picture I drew Thursday.... It didn't really express my feelings at the time, because I was in an excited mood, but it better describes being a teenager.  After I finished drawing it, I remembered the time I was absolutely obsessed with Avril Lavigne. She has a song called complicated. It made me laugh, remembering that, for some reason. Friday, some friends came over to work on french homework. We had a lot of fun. They seemed to really like crackers, cheese and pickles. I found that was a good thing, since I do.  Saturday, I went to Langley for a friend's birthday party.  We went bowling at Willowbrook Lanes, and after that we went to a fancy Pizza Hut (They literally had restaurant decor) and had pizza and a really good cake. One of the friends (who I didn't know before I got there) who's name was "Hey Young" (she's a Korean immigrant) was so funny.  The whole time, she was like:  When are we going to have cake! And then, her very last remark about wanting cake was:  "WHERE'S THE DAMN CAKE?!?" And we had JUST finished dinner.  She was dead serious, too. It was so funny. One other girl laughed for so long, (much longer than everyone else) it made us laugh, too. I love birthdays. Tell me your birthday story.... I'd love to read it! Have a great day, everybody!

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