Monday, May 10, 2010

'sigh', spring.

J'adore spring!  It's such a nice time of year!  BTW, This is an older picture of Lauren Conrad.  I really like the kind of laid back style, because it looks effortlessly cool, like you're not trying too hard, but you still care about fashion.  I was just looking aimlessly in my shirt drawer, because I wear shirts and jeans more often than I wear skirts and dresses - I wish I could wear more of those, but I don't have many - and I noticed that my wardrobe really needs an update.  I have tops in my drawer that I almost never wear, and some that I wear too much.  I'm getting bored of them.  Maybe it's just because it's almost summer, and all my winter shirts are still there, but even still, I'm bored of it.  This outfit has inspired me, because maybe if I can get some better key pieces, then maybe it would at least look like I have a whole new wardrobe!  From LC's outfit, I should probably purchase a white flowy tank top, and a colorful, light scarf.  But I know for sure that I have too many bags, and I don't use them enough, because I'm glued to my oversize black pleather one that I got last year for my birthday.  Make sure you make make the most of the beautiful spring weather, and break out your summer skirts and stuff!

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