Friday, May 21, 2010

Zoning out.

I was just looking at Rumi Neely's blog, fashion toast, which I highly recommend, just as long as you keep reading mine... ;)  And she inspired me.  She's really photogenic, and wears really cool sunglasses that are on my lust list.  So I decided to do a sketch, not of her, but of me. We kind of look similar, but not really.  My profile picture right now doesn't look a thing like her.  I was playing with different shades of pink, and I came up with this one, and so I kind of based the whole picture around that pink as well as the sunglasses.I only drew my head, because I didn't feel like drawing the rest of the body, and, there are no rules in art. I wanted to make the picture realistic, so I took a handheld mirror from my bathroom and copied my face shape. I copied a pouting lip, too. Today was fun - my socials class went to another high school to watch a play, so we got to miss 1st, 2d, and most of 3d period classes, which left us with 4th, English, which I happen to like. Yesterday, during French, I pro actress came in to do a workshop with us. She divided us up into groups; and my group's skit theme was Lady Gaga coming into a restaurant. It was hilarious, because the guy (yes, guy) that played Gaga walked all superior like, and for (her?) his entrance into the scene, he sang: "papa, papa-razzi!" With, sure enough, a paparazzi faking snapping a million pictures. You had to be there to know what it was like, but I tell you, that was funny. Another group had a pizzeria theme, and the guy taking orders screamed at the pizza chef: "BIBITY-BOBITY!" in a French/Italian accent that was priceless. Tell me what you think of my drawing!

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