Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How do you... Get ready for summer?

Channel these things! :)

Love, love, love these!

I hate this girl's hair. It's perfect.

So versatile, so cute!

Mustard is cool. Don't deny it, just accept it.

I need something like this. Effortlessly stunning.

I really wish the weather would warm up! It's been pretty gloomy, considering it's already summer! One good thing I got out of my week: When I went to Uprising Breads near commercial drive, as I was ordering, I noticed the cashier's earrings. They were the coolest earrings ever, and easy to make, too: They were Barbie shoes/ strappy sandals dangling from chains as earrings! They were the coolest! So I'm gonna try and make those. I think that might just catch on and become a trend. They're so cool!

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