Thursday, June 17, 2010


Since Saturday, I've been modeling for photo shoots.  My dad, Keven Fedirko is a photographer, and he's been in Vancouver from last Wednesday to tonight at 5.
I can't show you all the pictures, because there's probably more than 2000 of them, but here's the one from my birthday on Sunday. I just turned 14. The location is somewhere in downtown Vancouver at a really long stone wall covered in moss and ivy. My dad had been wanting to shoot there for 20 years, but never got the chance, so this photo shoot in particular is probably one of his all-time favorites.
I'm so excited - Adam Lambert's new video: "If I Had You" just came out! It's kind of strange, but I'd been waiting to see it for a while. You can check it out, and also a video of fans imitating the song here.

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