Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shoe talk.

These remind me of the sandals Aphrodite would wear. They're very.... Grecian. I quite like that style.  And not only are the Grecian-style, I don't know of you noticed, but they have a slightly ruffled edge at that top that gives them a girly edge, which I love. They're so.... Different! I just HAD to get them. They're just perfect. Not for the weather today, though. Today is cold and rainy. But not bad, because I get to go out with friends!
I'm so sad that summer's almost over! Then I'll have to go back to school and lug to school and back three textbooks at once, which is torture. Like, people are always telling me, "Don't carry around such a heavy backpack!". They have no idea that the school is making me do it! I have to carry around on a daily basis: Two binders, a pencil bag (heavier than it should be), two or three textbooks, an agenda, and a lunch, and sometimes other things like rain boots, in case it rains when I'm coming home. I remember, in like, grade five, they sent home a notice-type thing that said: "Your child should not carry more than like, some percentage (I forget how much, like, 20 or 40 %) of their overall weight in their school bag." What I think is, "They don't have any idea that they're being total hypocrites."

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