Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I don't even remember the designer of these outfits, all I remember is that the moment I saw them, I loved 'em! I know I've seen an outfit like the third one from the left. That one is one of my favorites. The dance was really fun, BTW.
I am the worst procrastinator in the world. I have been wanting to start my fashion line for the longest time, and I haven't even gone out to get the fabric! I need to do something with my teenage years! Help me! I know. This weekend, I'll go through all my zillions of sketches, and start organising. Once I've picked at least four of my favorites, I'll beg my mom to drive me to the fabric store and find the right fabric for them. Then, when my dad comes to visit, he can take some shots of them, and then I'll have started -for real- my fashion line! My weekend now has a purpose ahead of time!
Tell me what you think! I love reading comments!

Friday, January 15, 2010


This picture is kind of how I feel. Elegant, but hyped up - Because I'm going to my first high school dance ever! I just bought my ticket today at lunch. I'm going shopping this weekend for the perfect dress. I'm hoping I'll find a really cute, but cheap one that isn't really bad material. A hard task, but, I (sometimes) like a challenge! I'd like to find a dress and cute leggings or tights like these. If anyone knows where I can find a cute, affordable, well-made dress, then PLEASE, please, please comment! To comment, all you have to do is click on the area on the bottom right that says: "0 comments" Or however many comments there may be. But please coment! I know I have more than four people who read my blog! Enjoy your weekend, everybody - Hope it's sunny outside!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is a nice outfit. It was taken in Paris, by a Parisian lady named Garance Doré. She's a fashion photographer, and my aunt recommended her blog to me - Click here for the link. Today, in Vancouver, it was rainy, rainy, and wet. Blech. At least this outfit would be appropriate! Today, for the first two of our four periods in school (and it cut into our lunch hour by a lot, too) was a really long Gym period with ALL the grade 8's and ALL of the grade 9's doing relays. BLAH!! I'm certain I sat for so long in one spot that there is a butt indent. Ggrr..... One thing that is good though, is that I have minimal homework! I'm so happy! It's too bad some of my close friends are unavailable, right now..... Anyway, best wishes to get you through the rest of the week!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Talk about a work of art!

This, I find fantastic. Before Christmas, I went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping, and I was at Toys 'r' us looking for something for my little sister (Who turned 9 Thursday); and I saw this amazing Barbie doll that had sort of a collage of retro bar barbie pictures all on a ball-gown dress, kind of like this one, and when I saw this picture, I just HAD to post it. Though I think this one is made of magazine pictures, instead. Yesterday, my friend blew my mind (not literally) when she told me I'd made it on the honor role at school! The whole day, I was practically skipping to my classes! Have a great weekend, everybody!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Last night I was watching TV with my little sister; and the family channel was playing a movie called 'Wendy Wu: Homecoming warrior' and I saw Wendy (Brenda Song) wear a beautiful floral dress paired with a fitted v-neck jean vest and skinny jeans. It looked really cute, but I thought that it would look better if the dress was a little longer; so you could wear it without skinny jeans (But still with the jean vest) I kept thinking about it. It looked like such a nice outfit, I think that a floral dress and jean vest are the next new things I'll be shopping for! Yesterday, after I got back from a sleepover at my friends' place, my grandmother took me shopping at Willowbrook mall in Langley. It was the greatest shopping trip EVER for me (I think) because I jackpotted! I found 3 pairs of jeans that fit well, but only ended up buying 2 @ urban planet, found a super-cute fushia-ish-purple-y miniskirt @ off the wall, knock-off KEDS brand shoes for $15 @ ALDO shoes, and a cute 'n' comfy cream-colored zip-up sweater @ american eagle outfitters. After we arrived home, my feet hurt (I literally shopped 'till I dropped!); but I was very satisfied with my purchases.