Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is a picture I drew Thursday.... It didn't really express my feelings at the time, because I was in an excited mood, but it better describes being a teenager.  After I finished drawing it, I remembered the time I was absolutely obsessed with Avril Lavigne. She has a song called complicated. It made me laugh, remembering that, for some reason. Friday, some friends came over to work on french homework. We had a lot of fun. They seemed to really like crackers, cheese and pickles. I found that was a good thing, since I do.  Saturday, I went to Langley for a friend's birthday party.  We went bowling at Willowbrook Lanes, and after that we went to a fancy Pizza Hut (They literally had restaurant decor) and had pizza and a really good cake. One of the friends (who I didn't know before I got there) who's name was "Hey Young" (she's a Korean immigrant) was so funny.  The whole time, she was like:  When are we going to have cake! And then, her very last remark about wanting cake was:  "WHERE'S THE DAMN CAKE?!?" And we had JUST finished dinner.  She was dead serious, too. It was so funny. One other girl laughed for so long, (much longer than everyone else) it made us laugh, too. I love birthdays. Tell me your birthday story.... I'd love to read it! Have a great day, everybody!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Zoning out.

I was just looking at Rumi Neely's blog, fashion toast, which I highly recommend, just as long as you keep reading mine... ;)  And she inspired me.  She's really photogenic, and wears really cool sunglasses that are on my lust list.  So I decided to do a sketch, not of her, but of me. We kind of look similar, but not really.  My profile picture right now doesn't look a thing like her.  I was playing with different shades of pink, and I came up with this one, and so I kind of based the whole picture around that pink as well as the sunglasses.I only drew my head, because I didn't feel like drawing the rest of the body, and, there are no rules in art. I wanted to make the picture realistic, so I took a handheld mirror from my bathroom and copied my face shape. I copied a pouting lip, too. Today was fun - my socials class went to another high school to watch a play, so we got to miss 1st, 2d, and most of 3d period classes, which left us with 4th, English, which I happen to like. Yesterday, during French, I pro actress came in to do a workshop with us. She divided us up into groups; and my group's skit theme was Lady Gaga coming into a restaurant. It was hilarious, because the guy (yes, guy) that played Gaga walked all superior like, and for (her?) his entrance into the scene, he sang: "papa, papa-razzi!" With, sure enough, a paparazzi faking snapping a million pictures. You had to be there to know what it was like, but I tell you, that was funny. Another group had a pizzeria theme, and the guy taking orders screamed at the pizza chef: "BIBITY-BOBITY!" in a French/Italian accent that was priceless. Tell me what you think of my drawing!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Some thoughts

I just love this flower. I wish I could have a little garden and see this every day.  It's funny how something so small could be such a big inspiration. This could be morphed into almost any type of clothing, like a dress, a skirt, a print on pants, ruffles, a shirt, even a shoe (not all directly onto things, like for a shoes, layered ruffles in that magnificent color).
This one could also be an inspiration for something great.  I love how intricate the flower is.

And stuff like this is the proof.

Monday, May 10, 2010

'sigh', spring.

J'adore spring!  It's such a nice time of year!  BTW, This is an older picture of Lauren Conrad.  I really like the kind of laid back style, because it looks effortlessly cool, like you're not trying too hard, but you still care about fashion.  I was just looking aimlessly in my shirt drawer, because I wear shirts and jeans more often than I wear skirts and dresses - I wish I could wear more of those, but I don't have many - and I noticed that my wardrobe really needs an update.  I have tops in my drawer that I almost never wear, and some that I wear too much.  I'm getting bored of them.  Maybe it's just because it's almost summer, and all my winter shirts are still there, but even still, I'm bored of it.  This outfit has inspired me, because maybe if I can get some better key pieces, then maybe it would at least look like I have a whole new wardrobe!  From LC's outfit, I should probably purchase a white flowy tank top, and a colorful, light scarf.  But I know for sure that I have too many bags, and I don't use them enough, because I'm glued to my oversize black pleather one that I got last year for my birthday.  Make sure you make make the most of the beautiful spring weather, and break out your summer skirts and stuff!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Looks from the Iron Man 2 premiere

Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlet Johansson look absolutely stunning, both decked out in Armani ensembles.  Lately, I've been obsessed with white.  I've thinking about looking for a soft, white sun dress that I could put a sweet little brown belt above my hips and wear with matching flats.  I am looking forward to a (hopefully) relaxing weekend.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

If only I could get my hands on these...

Then I would be pretty happy - for a while.  Sorry, I would have done more blogging lately, but I've been sick.  I still am.  Friday, before I went to Robson st with my friend, my friend made me take $60 out of my wallet and leave it at home, because I had too much cash in my wallet, and that was unsafe, and blah, blah, blah, but later, I was really glad she made me do it, because I would have blown it all.  I brought about $130 with me to Robson, and by the end, I was left with $5 and some change, a pair of jean shorts, a denim vest, two tops and a Carly Rae Jepsen CD.  But, I bet if I had more cash on me, I would have bought some miracle sweatpants from Hollister (they were the softest sweatpants I ever felt in my entire life), a pair of super awesome flats from aldo, 3 other CDs, several tops from JACOB connection, a dress and leggings from there, too, and a perfume with a spray ball from Hollister.  I don't know what that type of ball thing on the perfume is called, but I'm talking about the perfume bottle on the right hand side.  I always thought those perfume bottles looked so retro.  Gorgeous.  Although sixty more dollars wouldn't have been enough, anyway.