Saturday, September 18, 2010

My look of the moment.

I find this such a nice picture. I love when something is timeless... It makes wearing it special.... Even the little things, like if you receive a handwritten letter from someone. As much as I love the city vibe, I've never been to any of those high-fashion cities like New York, London, Paris, LA, etc...
Speaking of fashion, I went to my favorite little hidden comic shop that sells comics, of course, but also so many different magazines..... With a large portion of them fashion magazines. They even have really old Vogue magazines, (Like from 1962, etc...) So I picked up a few. I was reading them this morning, and I got really inspired. I quite like the look of playing down a girly ensemble with a menswear piece or two, like oxford shoes or a blazer. What's your look of the moment?